For years, I’ve dreamed of travel. The kind I never did as a young adult, because I decided to get married and start a family while we were young, with the idea that we could “enjoy our adult children” as adults that weren’t in their golden years.
Ok, ok, we weren’t thinking properly, but our parents told us they wanted grandchildren NOW, so, here we are.
This summer is the first time we are taking the plunge and going on a trip. Without kids. Ok, not entirely the first time, since we did once do an island vacation courtesy of the company my husband worked for at the time (we left the kids with my Mother in Law, who promptly ignored every single request I had for the kids, before we even left the gate from the layover airport in the US). We also did a mid-week getaway, I think two nights, just a few hours from our home at the beach. (I do love the beach!) That trip was more relaxing for me, since I knew I could just hop home if there was a real situation.
This time, we are headed overseas. Europe overseas. I am beyond excited to see the “Emerald Isle” even if for just 3 days, and then we are headed to southern Germany for my husband’s company meeting. I am anxious, nervous and anticipate a few days more of planning, list-making and trying not to overburden the teenagers with the details of all the things I want to make easier for them. I wonder how much I’ll be disregarded?
I am glad I have my energy work, it travels very well. I am also glad I have my essential oils, those travel well too—and for sure will help with the anxiety of travel, and all the change—as well as time changes and new sleep patterns. This path of travel is one I have anticipated for a very long time, and I look forward to this small perk of having older kids! (Don’t worry, I still intend to travel with my kids as often as possible.)
What is your favorite travel tip when traveling internationally? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments!

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