Welcome to life with essential oils!

(If you don’t have your oils yet, that’s ok…read ahead…)

Congratulations on making a small change toward greater health!

NOW for the work. First of all, please don’t be intimidated!

Yes, there are a lot of oils. Yes, they each do a LOT of things. It’s easy to get overwhelmed.

Take a deep breath (wow, that peppermint smells amazing, right?) and relax.

I am here to help.


We are going to focus on small, simple steps to get you into a shift toward using oils in ways you can’t imagine right now. (‘cause you just wanted to have your kitchen smell nice when you didn’t quite get to the cleaning of that part of the house, right?) I got your back.

Second: do NOT toss everything you own. It’s just silly. You are maybe using oils to save some $$ and tossing all those things you spent money on just does not make sense. One thing at a time, friend. Please head over to my Facebook group  for the daily dose of life improvements. If you like send me a friend request. I promise not to send you garbage…no one has time for that.

Three: let’s talk. Set up an appointment either by phone, skype, zoom or in person if you are local to me and see what you really want to accomplish and in what order. My first order of business when I started (almost 5 years ago now) was to learn how to take care of common complaints my girls had. When that was done, I shifted my focus to cleaning green. Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither will you do this in a day. So, let’s talk! 

Explore below a few of the many ways I can help you:

iTovi Body Scan

An iTovi body scan is a painless, non-invasive way to see what oils your body seems to be “calling for.” Using similar technology to a fitbit bracelet, you place the iTovi in your hand and hang onto it while it does the work.

After about 2 minutes, you are given a report. You can have this report emailed to you as well (super handy) and we will sit and talk about each item in that report and why your scan might be asking for it. We consult a few different reference books and also will talk in practical terms.

This consult is best done when you are beginning your essential oil lifestyle but can be done at any time during the process and repeated occasionally.

I offer it for free for first time enrollments and then every 6-8 weeks for team members. It can be done more often, or for non-members for a small fee.

To make an appointment for your first iTovi scan, send me your information and I’ll be in touch soon!


These consults are ONLY available in person, as you have to have the device in your hand. However, send me a message if you are not located local to me. The people I know are located all over the country, and we love to help each other. If you don’t ask, you don’t know! (I also occasionally travel and might be coming near you!)

FREE 30 mins Essential Oils Consult

Every person interested in starting with essential oils will benefit greatly from a private, one on one consult with someone who knows what they are doing. After almost 5 years using and educating others on essential oils, I am an excellent resource. I consider myself an experienced educator and advanced oiler.

If you have just joined my team by creating a membership, congratulations! As part of my team, you also get a free wellness consult! We will talk (virtually or in person) about what you have just purchased, how you can best use these products for yourself and family in an effective, simple, sustainable way. I am here to support you, educate you and keep you using these products in the way YOU want to promote your own health!

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Wellness following your Heart’s Own Path!

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