necessity is a divine teacher

I woke up one day with intense pain in my shoulder. Like, could barely lift my arm and could not turn my neck. BUT it was in my non-dominant arm, and I had kids who needed breakfast and a ride to school so I saddled up, oiled up and headed out. By 4pm I was crying in pain. My arm was mostly numb, my fingers tingling. I had a rash from using every single oil I owned (neat) on my shoulder, back, neck and anywhere even close to that area. I had convinced myself through searching the internet that I was either stroking out or going to lose my arm spontaneously. My very reasonable (and not in pain) friend says, “Did you see your chiropractor?” I responded, “I don’t have one.” So I did the next best thing and called my husband’s grandmother’s chiropractor. (Why do we not learn from those older than us?) The receptionist at the chiropractor said “you sound like you are hurting, why not just come by whenever you can.” I mean, a true angel of mercy. Keep in mind, I didn’t give one second of thought as to whether or not this visit was covered by my insurance, how much it was going to cost or even if it would work. That’s a valuable lesson about pain and what our minds think about when it hurts. The chiropractor was an amazing step in my life. I had to tell her of every accident and injury I’d ever had, and of course your story is different than mine, but we traced this injury back to a car accident I didn’t even consider one worth mentioning. She spoke about how injuries sort of “stack up” when we are younger and eventually they culminate in something more. There isn’t a way to avoid it, and the damage is done over time, no matter how good you think you feel. This pain was solved temporarily. Cut to a couple months down the road, after receiving regular chiropractic care, the pain is back. I had already scheduled a class to learn the basic IET training. (to learn more about IET click here) When I arrived there, my trainer said that she could help my shoulder pain. Enter my skeptical nature in full force. That was when she took over and told me how the angelic healing could help with these issues. The pain in my shoulder is related to ideas of my not doing things I believe I “should” and over time, that’s stored in this shoulder. As a person, this makes total sense to me. It really resonates with me and makes me realize how so many people could be hurting from similar types of issues. She was able to help me start the healing process for that shoulder and arm. My chiropractor keeps me in good alignment and I keep myself healing these issues over time. They all work in harmony with each other. Non-invasive, not chemical, no side effects (unless you count pain free a side effect, or peace). Are you ready to walk a pain free path?

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