When it comes to travel, let’s get honest. I get nervous to travel and always feel like I’m going to forget something that I will absolutely NEED. It’s a little ridiculous, since I have yet to head to a region of the world where basic things will be unavailable, but in general, I tend to over pack. My goal this year is to stop doing that! As I continue to plan for a couple trips this summer, I bring you my practical packing tips.

  1. Consider space and practicality, as well as mode of travel. Can you buy toiletries and such when you arrive? Will you be at a home or a hotel? Are you flying, driving or taking a train? I try to consider length of the trip as well as whether or not I’ll be checking a bag when flying. Check with your airline and be sure to double check TSA regulations for your mode on transportation.
  2. You will want some. If you are flying, food is safe to go through the security check. (Water isn’t, but an empty, reusable water bottle IS and most airports have the filtered dispensers now too.) If you are like me, the last place you want to spend any “vacation funds” is in the airport before you even leave your home state. Driving means LOTS of snacks…I usually pack a cooler and I do not tell any of the kids what’s in the cooler before we go. Yes, it means I have to pack it alone, but the surprise is worth it.
  3. Don’t over think it. If you usually don’t need a black-tie ready outfit, leave it at home. Consider comfortable, appropriate shoes. Just a pair. This isn’t a fashion show, after all. I like to pack slippers for the hotel, and if it’s warm, my favorite flip flops.
  4. Comfort, comfort, comfort. Sleeping away from your home can be very difficult. You can make it easier on everyone by being comfortable in your clothing and other attire choices. Feeling like yourself is the best way to enjoy your trip!
  5. Bring something to pass the time, aside from your phone. If you are like me, your eyes will be fatigued from the re-circulated airline air, and the screens in the airport and maybe on the plane. I do like to close my eyes now and then, but I find a traditional paper book to be easier on my eyes. Besides, vacation brings a slower pace, right?
  6. Don’t forget your chargers. This will be the most inconvenient and expensive thing to replace inside the airport, and you won’t be able to get around it. I also bring a portable battery pack for those times where there just isn’t an outlet to use. If you are traveling internationally, remember a voltage converter too. Check with your hotel for specifics.

Enjoy your trip! Got a tip for me?? I’d love to hear what your practical tip is for travel! I’d also love to know where YOU are headed…any path you travel is one I want to hear about!

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