rethining what you love

Remember that time you learned one of your favorite things could be used in another, new, equally amazing way? Let’s say your favorite thing is chocolate chip cookies. Cookies are pretty good, right? Not a real need to re-do the delicious chocolate chip cookie, in my opinion. Well, let’s say someone brings you a pie and the crust is chocolate chip cookies? WHAT? Or cookies in between layers of brownies all baked together in one hip-increasing pan of deliciousness. Oh. My. Gosh. Right? It is shocking sometimes how something we love can get better!

Recently, I attended an event with oil genius Desiree Mangandog, and she showed me how some of my favorite things (oils) can be used in new, more powerful ways. She is a gifted oil expert, acupuncturist, herbalist and overall spiritual bomb. She is able to intuit these blends and let’s just say when it is one that “works for most people” it will potentially blow your mind. My mind is still turning over how to best to share this with you all, and how I will integrate these new uses into my own practice.

You can head over to Desiree’s self-titled website if you like, since she is for sure a one of a kind, phenomenal human. It could be for YOU reading this that I’ve even mentioned her here. The Universe has a way of connecting us to those who we need the most, right? I’ll be working on how to best use this information as an oil master myself. I just wanted to remind you all to be open to new ways of sharing what you already love, what helps you walk on that path that your heart leads you down.

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