Amy’s passion shows itself through her work. Knowledgeable and immersed in her products, she guides her clientele with ease through a sea of essential oils to find the correct mix for their lifestyle. Amy tailors blends for so many aspects of life: anxious feelings or nervousness, children, relaxation, energy, and green cleaning just to name a few. Any problem a client has, Amy can solve with an oil! I personally contacted Amy a few years ago when I was having digestive issues. She was kind enough to listen to my concerns, give her advice, direct me to the correct blend of oils and show me how to apply the roller to my wrists to help soothe my body. It worked wonders! Now that I have a baby, I want to make sure he has the very best. Natural essential oils can solve so many issues that heavy commercial chemicals also claim to fix. I would much rather my son be around natural oils than questionable ingredients! Amy has helped me find products that work wonders for me and my son, and I am so grateful!

Elizabeth Newton | Photographer & Mother

Amy, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for introducing me to Oils. Especially the oils for pain. I have joint pain in my left thumb, which can only get one cortisone shot a life time or surgery. I was taking 9 to 12 OTC pain relievers a day to avoid surgery. But since you introduced me to the pain roller I’m no longer taking any. It calms the pain and eases the joint inflammation. Oils Rock. Thanks!

 Tricia Moisan| BeCause brand Affiliate & Pet Rescue Angel

At first I was not a believer of oils and what they could do. After talking with Amy about my knee and wrist pain she suggested oils, and put them in an easy-to-use roller ball. I was very skeptical but tried it and boy, was I surprised- it worked! I was taking 3 OTC pills every 4 hours to manage my pain, several times a week, and now I no longer do- which is amazing. I feel so blessed and grateful to have met Amy and be introduced to essential oils.

Patricia Reichart-Dillon| Thirty-One Gifts IPC & Mother

About a two years ago I was diagnosed with frozen shoulder. At the time of physical therapy I was using lemongrass essential oil and deep blue blend in a roller to help with the healing process. From October 2017 thru January 2018 I had sprained right ankle so bad that I needed physical therapy again. This time I used copaiba essential oil for the pain relief and healing process. I carry both of these roller balls with me at all times, and am so grateful to have these natural options.

Sheila Perrow | Tastefully Simple Leader & Mother

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