the start of it all

We all have them when we use something new. That moment where you say “ah-ha! That’s what they are talking about.” Or “OH, that’s how that should work. Now I get it.” Here is my essential oil AH HA story.

I was introduced to essential oils in the winter of 2014. My middle daughter had her braces put on (back before the invisible retainer ones) and she was feeling some discomfort during her gymnastics practice. Ok. First of all, it was HER idea to not miss practice. Her coach and I fully thought she would be resting after a dinner of applesauce and yogurt. As she was tumbling, I could see she was in pain from the parent area. I mentioned to no one in particular “I wish I could make that feel better.” My friend heard me (of course, I’m not a soft talker) and said “what’s wrong?” I shared the gory details of brace installation and she felt my mom pain. Then she says “if you are open to it, I have a natural option that might work.” Uh, YEAH I’m interested. I would wave a magic wand and walk to the car on my hands if that helped her. She met me after practice with a small (super tiny) bottle of clove essential oil. She gave me instructions and when we got home, I told my daughter we were going to give it a shot. After all, we could not mess it up. It was either going to do the trick or not, which is where we were.

We did as my friend suggested: use plain oil, place the essential drops in the middle, massage onto gum area and then — well it did what she said it would, but it did not stop her pain from braces being put on. However, the fuse was lit…I was interested.

About a week later, that same woman came to me at practice. She asked how it worked and did I want to attend the class she was having in a day or two at a local yoga studio. I told her I would LOVE to learn more. I did attend the class (we both drove 30 minutes following each other to a spot where it was the two of us in a room!) and learned so much I wanted to get my own oils and make my family invincible!

My oils came and I had a blast learning all about them, but it still seemed easier to have the standard things on hand. My training had been to use certain products and items for remedies, and it was going to take time to learn how to use the oils instead. I used my tricks: leaving them in plain sight, teaching the kids they can use them too, talking about them to everyone, and of course joining the Facebook groups.

It wasn’t until the Day of Doom came to us.

(Not a real day of doom, I’m being dramatic here.)

I woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of vomiting. If you are a parent of anyone older than say 12 months, you KNOW that noise. So, I tended the little one and came back to bed crossing fingers it would be a one-time thing. About 2 hours later: more sickness. I blast to the bathroom to find a DIFFERENT child clutching her tummy and tears in her eyes. That’s right. Day of Doom.  Sure enough, every couple hours someone different took a turn getting sick. It was my turn soon enough. As I sat there feeling awful, a bottle of digestive blend in one hand and a towel in the other, I took a whiff of that anise and fennel smell and thought, “I just can’t put this on.” So, down I went. The last one to remain standing was my middle child—who is normally the first one sick! I explained what was in my mind: this stuff is supposed to help you NOT get sick. Do you want to be the first to try it? She says “wait, I won’t throw up? YEAH I’ll do it. I don’t care if it smells like poo!”

She was the only one who remained standing.

We all used it after she did. Of course, my oldest spent a good portion of the time before that being sick, as did my baby. In their weakened states, they had no defense against my “witch oils.” We ALL love the smell of digestive blend now, and we use all of our oils before we use any other remedies or mainstream treatments for daily concerns and issues. We are healthier, happier and smell amazing. We are sure that these oils are necessary for every household, every person we would ever meet. Essential oils are an amazing tool for health and your well-being. This is the path my heart is leading me down. Where will your heart lead you?

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