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Essential Oils

Essential oils are a simple, natural way to keep yourself and your family healthy, and avoid many of the common illnesses that are often “passed around” through schools, day care, your workplace and even communities. By strengthening our immune systems with essential oils and related products, we can help our body do what it does best—protect us! Are you interested in learning more?

Integrated Energy Therapy (IET)

IET, or Integrated energy therapy is a form of energy healing. I use my angelic partners (and yours) as well as our spiritual guides to clear blocked energy channels and promote the natural flow of energy from the universal source through our bodies. IET is useful for emotional struggles, or issues that keep resurfacing even when you think you’ve healed that relationship/situation. IET is also powerful to aid physical situations—when your medical professionals are at a loss for what step to take next, energy work can be advantageous to clear those blocks. This work does NOT replace any medical professional, but rather works in conjunction with traditional or eastern modalities to bring a natural flow and promote your body’s natural ability to heal itself. IET is a hands on or hands off experience. I can also do remote healing (anywhere in the world), as where intention goes, energy flows!

Consultation (coming soon):

I will be offering private meetings by zoom or in person to help you figure out where your issues may be rooted. Perhaps you have experienced trauma in your childhood or formative years that has manifested into a physical issue. Maybe you are carrying generational trauma, passed through relatives to you. These are future services I intend to offer. Stay tuned!

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